Psou River

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Origin Greater Caucasus
Mouth Black Sea
Basin countries Georgia, (Abkhazia[1]), Russia
Length 57 km
Basin area 420 km²

Psou River (Abkhaz: Ҧсоу; Georgian: ფსოუ, Russian: Псоу) is a river in the West Caucasus. It flows along the Southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and forms a part of the border between Abkhazia and Russia, or Georgia and Russia, as Georgia and United Nations consider. The river flows into the Black Sea. The length of the Psou is 57 km and the drainage basin is approximately 420 km2. The Psou Valley borders the Gagra Range of Abkhazia to the east.


  1. ^ Abkhazia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider Abkhazia de jure a part of Georgia's territory. In Georgia's official subdivision it is an autonomous republic, whose government sits in exile in Tbilisi.

Coordinates: 43°23′10″N 40°00′36″E / 43.3861°N 40.0101°E / 43.3861; 40.0101