Raymond Starbuck

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Raymond Starbuck
Sport(s) Football
Biographical details
Born c. 1878
Fort Ann, New York
Died August 16, 1965(1965-08-16)
Rochester, New York
Playing career
1899–1900 Cornell
Position(s) Fullback
Coaching career (HC unless noted)
1901 Cornell

Raymond D. Starbuck (c. 1878 – August 16, 1965) was an American football player and coach and railroad executive.

Born in Fort Ann, New York, and raised in Glen Falls, New York, Starbuck attended Cornell University. He played fullback on the varsity football team in 1899 and 1900. He was captain of the football team in 1899 and 1900 and was selected as an All-American in 1900.[1][2][3] In 1899, he led the Cornell team to its first victory over Princeton in the history of the rivalry.[4] He served as the head coach of Cornell's football team in 1901.[5] He worked for the New York Central Railroad from 1902–1949, eventually becoming an executive vice president and director. He retired in 1949 and died in 1965 at age 87 in Rochester, New York.[6][7]


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