Red Butte Creek oil spill

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Red Butte Creek oil spill
Location Red Butte Creek
Salt Lake City, Utah
Coordinates 40°45′58″N 111°49′35″W / 40.76619°N 111.82647°W / 40.76619; -111.82647Coordinates: 40°45′58″N 111°49′35″W / 40.76619°N 111.82647°W / 40.76619; -111.82647
Date 11 June 2010 – 12 June 2010
Cause Ruptured pipeline
Operator Chevron Corporation
Spill characteristics
Volume 33,000 l (7,300 imp gal; 8,700 US gal)
Area Red Butte Creek, Jordan River, Liberty Park
Shoreline impacted 5 km (3.1 mi)

The Red Butte Creek oil spill is a spill caused by a rupture in a medium crude oil pipeline that runs to the Chevron Corporation oil refinery in Salt Lake City Utah. A 1/2 inch diameter hole in the pipeline was caused by an electrical arc from high voltage power lines to a metal fence post buried a few inches above the pipeline. Several hours after a detection in the reduction in pressure in the line, the broken pipe was discovered flowing 50 to 60 US gallons (190 to 230 l; 42 to 50 imp gal) of oil per minute into the Red Butte Creek and Jordan River that leads to the Great Salt Lake. Clean up efforts were conducted by the Chevron Corporation, utilizing many oilfield service companies, including 221 personnel, and recovered two thirds of the 800 barrels of oil within the first week of the rupture.[1]

Affected wildlife were transported to Hogle Zoo for treatment.[2]

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