Reptilia (manga)

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Genre Horror
Written by Kazuo Umezu
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
English publisher
Published 1965
Volumes 1
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Reptilia is a Japanese horror manga written and illustrated by Kazuo Umezu. The manga, titled Hebishōjo (へび少女?, "Snake Girl") in the original Japanese, is a series of three stories involving a shapeshifting snake-woman who haunts a Japanese village. It was originally published in 1965 by Kadokawa Shoten.

Hebishōjo was published in English under the title Reptilia by IDW Publishing in 2007.[1]


Ken Haley from Pop Culture Shock qualified the story as "simplistic", and he said it follows a formula since in the first two chapters Yumiko is always running away from the Snake Lady. Haley commented Reptilia made he to remind "a classic Universal horror flick", adding he did not want to put it on the same level of Lugosi's Dracula, or Karloff's Frankenstein but saying it might appeal to the fans of monster flicks. He also stated: "that's nothing like most of the horror series [...] on the market" at the time.[2]


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