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For the TV series, see Rescue Heroes (TV series).

Rescue Heroes was initially a line of toys from Fisher-Price introduced in 1997. Rescue Heroes depicts various rescue personnel and their equipment. In 1999 an animated television series of the same name debuted. A film titled Rescue Heroes: The Movie was released in 2003, and it was based on the TV series.


Rescue Heroes is a fictional international organization that, along with local authorities, helps rescue people and animals from both natural and man-made disasters.


Main characters[edit]

These are the main characters featured in the TV series and film.

  • Billy Blazes - Billy, a firefighter, is the leader of the Rescue Heroes who helped choose the other members of the team.[1] He was chosen to be a Rescue Hero after saving a group of children trapped in a carnival ride that was set ablaze.[1] In the animated series, he has a younger brother named Bobby, as well as a father. Billy had an uneasy relationship with his father. This was because Bobby chose to become a firefighter like Billy, instead of being a construction worker like his father.[2] It was revealed in the episode "Storm Of The Century, Part One" that he is from Quebec.
  • Wendy Waters - Wendy, a firefighter, is effectively the second in command. Her father, Warren, is a Rescue Hero who works at a space station. It was through a combination of a news report about a factory being set ablaze and through her father that lead her to trying out for the Rescue Heroes.[1]
  • Jake Justice - Jake, a police officer, became a Rescue Hero when he caught a wanted criminal after a televised car chase that made national headlines.[1]
  • Richmond[3] "Rocky" Canyon - Rocky, an African American mountain climbing specialist, is the youngest member of the Rescue Heroes. When Billy had once considered quitting the Rescue Heroes, it was ultimately Rocky, through an audition video, that convinced him to stay; this cemented Billy's decision to hire Rocky.[1] The episode "Twister" revealed that his hometown is in Oklahoma, and that his father had died.
  • Ariel Flyer - Ariel, a bilingual flight and wildlife specialist,[4] was once a stunt pilot who had a rival named Avery Ator.[1] However, Avery's lack of concern for safety has led to Ariel rescuing him on numerous occasions.
  • Jack Hammer - Jack, a construction worker hailing from Texas, was originally a contractor hired to build the Rescue Heroes base of operations, but had saved a fellow construction worker in a crane accident. Because of this, he was given the opportunity to try out for the Rescue Heroes.[1] Jack has a younger sister named Jill, who is a member of the Texas Fire Brigade.[5]

Minor characters[edit]

These are the minor characters featured in the TV series and film.

  • Aidan Assist - City Rescue Specialist
  • Al Pine - Arctic Rescue Specialist
  • Ben Choppin - Lumberjack
  • Bill Barker - Ground Patrol Specialist and K-9 Unit
  • Bob Buoy - Scuba Diver and Submarine Operator
  • Bob Sled - Arctic Rescue Specialist and Snowmobile Operator
  • Brandon Irons - Wildlife Rescue Specialist and Spring-shoe Operator
  • Captain Cuffs - Police Captain
  • Cliff Hanger - Birdwing Operator and Hang-glider
  • Gil Gripper - Scuba Diver and Jetski Operator
  • Hal E. Copter - Heli-pack Operator
  • Kenny Ride - Bicycle Patrol Officer
  • Matt Medic - Paramedic
  • Maureen Biologist - Ocean Rescue Specialist and Safety Diver
  • Pat Pending - Chief Equipment Designer of the Rescue Heroes
  • Perry Chute - Parachuter and Parasailer
  • Rip Rockefeller - Construction Worker and Mountaineer
  • Rock Miner - Safety Spelunker
  • Roger Houston - Astronaut and Communications Officer
  • Sandy Beach - Lifeguard and Surfing Specialist
  • Sam Sparks - Firefighter
  • Sergeant Siren - Police Sergeant
  • Seymore Wilde - Animal Wrangler
  • Warren Waters - Director and Chief Dispatcher
  • Willy Stop - Traffic Officer and Crowd Control Specialist


These are the animal Rescue Heroes featured in the TV series.

Other Rescue Heroes[edit]

These are the Rescue Heroes that have been released as figurines only.

  • 10-4 (Robot)
  • Aaron Sky
  • Akido (Panda)
  • Al Ninyo
  • Astrobot (Robot)
  • Back Draft (Robot)
  • Back Hoe (Robot)
  • Blast-Off (Robot)
  • Bumperbot (Robot)
  • Burly (Bear)
  • C.D. Moon
  • C-Ment (Robot)
  • Captain Clydes
  • Clamp Down (Robot)
  • Cole Burns
  • Dale (Horse)
  • Dewey C.M.
  • Dustin Rhodes
  • E-Ject (Robot)
  • Ember (Robot)
  • Fang (Wolf)
  • Firestomper (Robot)
  • Glades (Alligator)
  • Goggles (Robot)
  • Holden Breath
  • Hyperbot (Robot)
  • Ivor Clue
  • Jabs (Kangaroo)
  • Justin Time
  • Keytron (Robot)
  • Koyle (Snake)
  • Lift-Off (Robot)
  • Manny Hattan
  • Marshall Artz
  • Marshall Law
  • Moe Zambeek
  • Morris Code
  • Perry Trooper
  • Phil Canteen
  • Pounce (Black panther)
  • Red Wood
  • Reed Marsh
  • Rescue Bobcat
  • Rescue Hawk
  • Rescue Whale
  • Responder (Robot)
  • Rex Steel
  • Robby (Robot)
  • Robo helper (Robot)
  • Rolls (Armadillo)
  • Snow (Sled dog)
  • Specs (Owl)
  • Spotter (Cheetah)
  • Storm E. Night
  • Swinger (Gorilla)
  • Tectonic (Robot)
  • Telly Photo
  • Thurston Nomore
  • Tides (Turtle)
  • Tundra (Penguin)
  • Tusk (Elephant)
  • Ty Phoon
  • Val Cano
  • Willi Wachtmeister
  • Winter (Sled dog)

Television series[edit]

On October 2, 1999 an animated television series based on the toy line debuted. The TV series, titled Rescue Heroes ran for three seasons, concluding on December 18, 2002.

The series, which is about a group of rescue personnel that travel the world while saving lives from both natural and man-made disasters, strives to teach proper safety techniques and how to deal with various issues (for example, what to do if an earthquake occurs). At the end of most episodes, the Rescue Heroes would give safety tips and how to handle the conflict presented in the episode. The episode would then usually conclude with the slogan, "Think like a Rescue Hero, think safe."

Hiatus and Return[edit]

In 2007, Fisher-Price stopped producing Rescue Heroes products and updating the Rescue Heroes website. However, in 2010, Fisher-Price produced a new collection of figurines under the title "Hero World", a brand also shared with Imaginext. Among the collection were characters such as Billy Blazes and Jake Justice. These figurines are smaller than the original figurines, and are not compatible with previous playsets.

Interactive Games[edit]

Rescue Heroes has spawned numerous interactive formats of entertainment, including PC, Sony PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Pixter, Radica Play TV, and Smart Cycle.


  • Rescue Heroes: Hurricane Havoc (1999)
  • Rescue Heroes: Meteor Madness (2001)
  • Rescue Heroes: Tremor Trouble (2002)
  • Rescue Heroes: Lava Landslide (2003)
  • Rescue Heroes: Mission Select (2003)

Sony PlayStation[edit]

  • Rescue Heroes: Molten Menace (2000)

Game Boy Color[edit]

  • Rescue Heroes: Fire Frenzy (2000)

Game Boy Advance[edit]

  • Rescue Heroes: Billy Blazes (2003)


  • Rescue Heroes Mission Masters (black and white) (2002)
  • Rescue Heroes Mission Masters (color) (2003)

Radica Play TV[edit]

  • Rescue Heroes

Smart Cycle[edit]

  • Rescue Heroes


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