1851 Chilean Revolution

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1851 Chilean Revolution
Date 20 April-31 December 1851
Location  Chile
Result Chilean government victory
Chile Chilean Government
Chile Military of Chile
Chile Liberal rebels
Warriors of Mañil
Commanders and leaders
Manuel Montt
Antonio Varas
Manuel Bulnes
José María del Canto Marín de Poveda
José María de la Cruz
Pedro Urriola Balbontín
José Miguel Carrera Fontecilla
Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna
Victorino Garrido
Francisco Bilbao

The Revolution of 1851 was an attempt to overthrow the conservative government by Chilean liberals. In the elections of 1851 the conservative candidate José María de la Cruz Prieto lost against another conservative, Manuel Montt in Concepción. José María de la Cruz, who belonged to the most influential family in Chilean politics of the time declared the election to have been rigged and allied liberals who then tried to seize power in Santiago. The liberal commander Pedro Urriola Balbontín led a coup d'etat attempt in Santiago on April 20 but was defeated after some 5 hours of fighting. Despite the setback in Santaigo the rebels took the power in La Serena and Concepción (September 13). In La Serena the constitution of 1833 was declared abolished. At the battle of Loncomilla fought on December 8 Manuel Bulnes won a decisive victory over the rebel army that had attempted to occupy Talca. On the northern front fight broke out between December 1 and 31 leading ultimately to the fall of the rebel stronghold of La Serena ending thus the rebellion.

After the failure the conservatives begun a political persecution against the supporters of the rebellion, many of whom had like Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna to go into exile.