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Ric Young is an English–American actor who has appeared in over 70 film and television projects. He is known for his role as Dr. Zhang Lee in the TV series Alias.[1]

Early life[edit]

Young was born in London.[2] He trained as an actor first at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.[2] He moved to Los Angeles and studied method acting. He studied with Shelley Winters, among others.[2]



Originally, he performed as Eric Young. Among the shows he appeared in the 1960s and '70s were The Saint, The Avengers, The Tomorrow People, Somerset Maugham Hour, Danger Man, The Chinese Puzzle, Are You Being Served?, and Room Service.

Young has appeared in many memorable roles, often as a villain. Some of his best known roles are: as Kao Kan in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, as Bruce Lee’s father in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993), as Mao Tse-Tung in Nixon (1995), as General Chang Jing Wu in Seven Years in Tibet (1997), as Mr. Kwai in The Transporter (2002), and as Henry Lee in The Corruptor (1999).[3]

More recent and prominent television roles include a recurring role as Dr. Zhang Lee on the TV series Alias (2001–04).[3] He is among the performers who can lay claim performing in both the original version of the TV series Hawaii Five-O (in 1976) and its updated version (in 2010).[3]


Young has produced two projects, Paranormal Whactivity,[2] and the short, "Oy Vey!".

Personal life[edit]

Selected filmography[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2007 American Gangster[4] Khun Sa
2002 The Transporter Mr. Kwai
2001 Kiss of the Dragon Mr Big
1999 The Corruptor[5] Henry Lee
1997 Seven Years in Tibet General Chang Jing Wu
1995 Nixon Mao Tse-Tung
1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Lee Hoi-chuen (Bruce's Father)
1987 The Last Emperor Interrogator
1984 Success Is the Best Revenge
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Kao Kan[6]
Year Title Role Notes
2007 Alias Dr. Zhang Lee


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