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Richard Stuverud (born Sept. 26, 1964) is an American drummer from Seattle, Washington[1][2] known for playing in several bands in Seattle scene. His first band was the punk rock band The Fastbacks (in the early 80s),[3] returning in 1987 in the side project of the vocalist Brad Sinsel (who was vocalist of the heavy metal band TKO), called "Suicide Squad".

Soon, he joined the War Babies band in 1988, together with Brad Sinsel, at the same time he played for a short time in the power metal band Fifth Angel (which he appeared in the video clip for the song "Time Will Tell" in 1989). He played in War Babies until its demise (1993), but he worked in several bands, like the cover band Luv.Co (with Mother Love Bone, War Babies members) and in the band "Blind Horse", which feature Bruce Fairweather, ex-guitarist of Mother Love Bone and bass player in Love Battery.

Since the mid-90s, he also plays in the bands Three Fish and Tres Mts., both of which feature Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone fame. In 2012, he joined Ament's new band RNDM.[4]


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