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Richie Kavanagh
Born 1949 (age 65)
Fenagh, County Carlow, Ireland

Richie Kavanagh (born 1949) is an Irish entertainer who writes and performs his own songs. Famous for the song Aon Focal Eile, he now has a number of hits to his name. Richie was born and raised in Raheenwood, Fenagh, Muine Bheag, County Carlow in Ireland where he still currently resides. Despite Psoriasis crippling Richie’s hands at the age of 44, he went on to harness his talents as a singer/songwriter and burst onto the national entertainment scene with the song Aon Focal Eile. Tony Keogh in Southeast Radio was the first man to play the CD and when Gerry Ryan began playing it on his morning show, the song became a runaway hit.

On 9 February 2011, while being interviewed on the Sue Nunn Programme on KCLR Radio, Richie announced he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Musical success[edit]

Aon Focal Eile featured in the top ten in the Irish charts for over six months was 8 weeks as number one and won Richie an IRMA award for Best Single of the Year in Ireland for 1996. The single is currently the 15th biggest selling single in Irish chart history[1] He has also had hits with The Mobile Phone, Mickey's Buckin' Ass and Pussy Pussy Cat. Richie has also written and recorded many songs Celebrating the heritage of Co. Carlow. The Carlow Fence,Captain Myles Keogh, Danoli, The Disney Gravestone,The Gordan Bennett Race, Face Her For Mount Leinster, Art Kavanagh, John Tyndall, How Elvis Became A Carlow Man. and Mick The Tent..”Richie Kavanaghs” Chicken Talk” has reached over Three-and-a-Half Million million views on FACEBOOK. As of today Monday 30 March 2015 ) the humourous ditty has reached (3,500,885) MILLION views it was posted on FACEBOOK on 5 March at 9.23am and is still going strong.


Richie's songs have often being a topic of controversy due to his lyrics. Indeed the song Aon Focal Eile was banned from a number of BBC radio stations (before the watershed, if not completely).

Examples include the use of the Irish word focal (hinting at the English word fuck, although literally it simply means word).


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