Rockman EXE WS

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Rockman EXE WS
Rockman EXE WS Coverart.png
Developer(s) Capcom Production Studio 2
Publisher(s) Bandai
Distributor(s) Capcom
Composer(s) Akari Kaida
Series Mega Man Battle Network
Platform(s) WonderSwan Color
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution ROM cartridge

Rockman EXE WS (ロックマンエグゼ WS?) is a title in the Mega Man Battle Network subseries of Mega Man video games. The game was released on the WonderSwan Color only in Japan.

This game is a platformer like Mega Man Network Transmission, rather than an RPG.

An unofficial English patch was made for the game on August 30, 2012.


Rockman EXE WS's story is the retelling of Seasons 1 and 2 of the Rockman EXE anime, ending with Gospel.


Like Mega Man Network Transmission, Rockman EXE WS is a side-scrolling, platform-based video game. The gameplay mainly consisted of shooting enemies and jumping through obstacles and platforms.

As the game begin, players are given mission briefing through cutscenes. In the cutscenes there will be conversations between MegaMan and other character, which will explain players about the background of the mission.

After the briefing, players are brought to a screen that shows a list of chips[jargon] the players have gained while playing and four boxes. By selecting a chip from the list, players choose which of the four boxes the chip will go into.

Once chips are selected and the stage begins, players may use the chips by pressing the Y buttons on the console. Unlike the Mega Man Battle Network games, some chips can be used multiple times, or replace the Mega Buster attack (such as Wide Sword. Chips can be found lying in stage or by defeating enemies.

As players battle through the level, the stage splits into two paths. Both paths lead to a different boss, which will be fought depending on player's completion percentage.


Rockman EXE WS was scored a total of 26 out of 40 from a panel of four reviewers in the Japanese Famitsu magazine. Lucas M. Thomas and Craig Harris of IGN preferred this unlocalized game over the card-based Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, which was released on the WonderSwan and on the Game Boy Advance in Western territories.[1]'s Jeremy Parish agreed Rockman EXE WS was better, but still called it "a pretty terrible excuse for a Mega Man game, similar in concept to Network Transmission, but indescribably worse." [2]


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