Rodoni Castle

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Cape Rodon with the castle

The Rodoni Castle (Albanian:Kalaja e Rodonit) is a castle in Albania.Rodoni Castle is situated at an altitude of 1 m.[1]


Rodoni Castle is located on Cape of Rodon. After the victorious First Siege of Krujë the League of Lezhë decided to increase the fortifications for use against the Ottoman Empire. Skanderbeg chose the cape of Rodon as the location of the castle and construction began in 1450. The walls of the castle that was completed in c. 1452 had a length of 400m at that time.[2] When the Siege of Krujë started in 1466 Skanderbeg retreated to Rodoni Castle from where he and his family, together with many people from Albania, were transported to Brindisi in 14 ships.[3] According to Marin Barleti this castle was destroyed by Ottoman forces in 1467.[4]

In 1500 the castle was rebuilt by the Republic of Venice. As a result of the corrosive action of the sea waves, some of the walls are now under the waters of the Adriatic. Today the visitors can see the outer walls on the right side and the tower at the place they intersect.[4]


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