Rogue Nature

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Rogue Nature
Format Nature Show Reality
Created by Dave Salmoni
Starring Dave Salmoni
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 6
Running time One Hour Episodes (44 Minutes)
Original channel USA: Discovery Channel, Discovery HD Theater, Animal Planet
Original run April 2, 2007 – Present

Rogue Nature is a reality television program broadcast in The United States on Discovery Channel, Discovery HD Theater and Animal Planet. The show follows host, biologist Dave Salmoni as he explores nature's most dangerous animals to see if they really do go out of their way to kill humans.


Each episode typically involves Dave Salmoni talking with people who have had experience with the animal before. These people include victims of the animal, experts of the animal and sometimes two separate experts who disagree as to whether the animal is dangerous or not (as in the case of Black Bears.) He will usually interact with the animal in a domesticated setting before heading out to get close to the animal in its natural environment.


Animal Planet[edit]

As animal planet is generated at younger viewers, the episodes have been re-edited for content. The Chimps episode wasn't included in the initial run, but has been aired in reruns.

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