Ruhlander Schwarzwasser

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Ruhlander Schwarzwasser
Jannowitz schwarzwasser.JPG
The Ruhlander Schwarzwasser in Jannowitz
Location Saxony, Brandenburg,  Germany
Source region in the Bernsdorf Forest near Heide, a village in the borough of Wiednitz
Mouth near Ruhland into the Schwarze Elster
Basin Schwarze ElsterElbe

The Ruhlander Schwarzwasser is a left-hand tributary of the Schwarze Elster in the east German states of Brandenburg and Saxony.


It rises in the Bernsdorf Forest (Bernsdorfer Gemeindewald) near Heide, a village in the borough of Wiednitz. As it makes its way westwards, this small river flows partly through the state of Brandenburg and partly through Saxony. In the Ruhland Heath (Ruhlander Heide) it forms the boundary between the two states. There it is also joined from the left by the Saleskbach, which comes from the heath villages of Cosel, Grüngräbchen and Großgrabe.

The Schwarzwasser then flows northwards through Jannowitz and Arnsdorf. It discharges into the Schwarze Elster near the town of Ruhland.

In Arnsdorf the Sieggraben dyke branches off on the left. It also enters the Schwarze Elster, below Ruhland.

Coordinates: 51°23′N 13°50′E / 51.383°N 13.833°E / 51.383; 13.833