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RUIZ Surname Meaning & Origin: Ruiz Has it origins or first recognition coming out Castile during the Franks expulsion of the Visigoths in the ancient land of Gaul. The name itself bought prestige, and was spread throughout western Europe and northern Africa. There are more than one derivation of the name.[copyright violation?]

This Portuguese and Spanish surname of RUIZ was originally derived from the Germanic personal name HRODRIC, which was composed of the elements 'hrod' (renown) and 'ric' (power). The name also meant 'Famous'. The name was in England in the Middle Ages, where it is in the form of Roderick. In the 8th century, Hispania fell under the control of the Moors, and this influence, which lasted into the 12th century, has also left its mark on Hispanic surnames. A few names are based directly on Arabic personal names. At first the coat of arms was a practical matter which served a function on the battlefield and in tournaments. With his helmet covering his face, and armour encasing the knight from head to foot, the only means of identification for his followers, was the insignia painted on his shield, and embroidered on his surcoat, the draped and flowing garment worn over the armour. This surname originates from the Basque country and is now found throughout the whole of Spain and also in the American continent. Other spellings of the name include RODERICK, RODRIGO, RODRIGUEZ, RODRIGUE and RODRIGEZ.