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The SMW Heavyweight Championship was the major singles title in Smoky Mountain Wrestling. It existed from 1992 until 1996 when SMW folded. "Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony held the title the most times with three reigns. The United States Wrestling Association briefly recognized the SMW Heavyweight Championship as part of a USWA vs. SMW feud in late 1995, before abandoning the title.[1][2]

Title history[edit]

Wrestler: Times: Date: Location: Notes:
Brian Lee 1 1992-05-22 Knoxville, Tennessee Defeated Paul Orndorff in a tournament final.
The Dirty White Boy 1 1992-08-08 Johnson City, Tennessee
Tracy Smothers 1 1993-04-02 Pikeville, Kentucky
Title held up after a match against Tony Anthony on 1993-05-15 in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Tracy Smothers 2 1993-06-11 Knoxville, Tennessee Defeated Tony Anthony in a rematch.
Brian Lee 2 1993-07-17 Johnson City, Tennessee
The Dirty White Boy 2 1994-02-13 Knoxville, Tennessee
Jake Roberts 1 1994-05-02 Harriman, Tennessee Aired 5-14-94 on SMW TV.
The Dirty White Boy 3 1994-07-05 Warrensville, North Carolina This was a fictitious title change. Roberts had no-showed several events.
Jerry Lawler 1 1995-01-28 Knoxville, Tennessee
Bobby Blaze 1 1995-02-26 Knoxville, Tennessee
Buddy Landel 1 1995-04-08 Johnson City, Tennessee
Title held up after a match against Brad Armstrong on 1995-07-01 in Barbourville, Kentucky.
Brad Armstrong 1 1995-08-12 Johnson City, Tennessee Defeated Buddy Landel in a rematch.
Terry Gordy 1 1995-10-20 Knoxville, Tennessee With Headbanger Thrasher, defeated Brad Armstrong and The Wolfman in a tag team match in which Armstrong's title was on the line.
Brad Armstrong 2 1995-11-23 Knoxville, Tennessee
Tommy Rich 1 1995-11-25 Johnson City, Tennessee
SMW held its final event on 1995-11-26 in Cookeville, Tennessee.
Brad Armstrong 3 1995-11-27 Memphis, Tennessee Armstrong did not defeat Rich for the title, but defended it the night after SMW closed at a United States Wrestling Association event.
Jerry Lawler 2 1995-12-26 Louisville, Kentucky This title change was repeated on 1995-12-27 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Lawler's victory over Armstrong was recognized on television on 1995-12-30. Following this mention, the title was abandoned, as it was never mentioned again.


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