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A sack is a slack bag without handles. Variants include:

Sack may also refer to:

  • Quarterback sack, a tackle of the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage in American and Canadian football
  • Sack (band), an Irish band
  • Sack (comics), a Marvel Comics villain
  • Sack (surname), a surname
  • Sack (wine), a type of white fortified wine
  • Sack, Zurich, a village in the Swiss canton of Zurich
  • A particularly sweet form of mead (wine)
  • Slang for scrotum
  • Bed or sleeping bag, as in the phrase 'hitting the sack' (going to bed)
  • Selective acknowledgement (SACK), in computer networking
  • An obsolete Middle Age measurement of weight in England equivalent to 26 stone (364 lb); more recently it was used as a unit of dry measure, equivalent to three bushels
  • Sackcloth (Hebrew sak), a garment of mourning or humility mentioned frequently in the Bible.

Sack, as a verb, may refer to:

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