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Sadie Kaye (2012)

Sadie Kaye is a British actress, filmmaker, TV and radio presenter.


Raised in Hong Kong, Kaye graduated from Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University, with a Master of the Arts degree in 1998.[1]

Early TV career[edit]

Kaye created Dinner Party an interactive TV series [2] for ETV. She was profiled on Channel 4's The New Entrepreneurs[1]. The series was produced by Maverick Television for Channel 4. She performed on the comedy series "Sack The Writer".


Kaye produced and presented the documentary film Sailing Miss Sadie, broadcast on Sky Real Lives, the Community Channel (UK) and the Discovery Channel (2010). She produced and presented a documentary, "Tucker's Luck", for Sky TV's Horse & Country channel (2011).


Kaye plays 'Wanda' in West of Thunder, a Western film produced by Sunka Wakan Dragonfly Film Studios. The film premiered in New York[3] and Los Angeles in 2012.[4] "West of Thunder" was nominated for "Best Film on Human Rights" and "Best Film on Peace" of 2012 from the Political Film Society in Hollywood, Jan. 2013.[5]

She also starred with Dan Davies in "Flim", a British mockumentary starring Raff Degruttola and co-starring Simone Lahbib, Michael Worth, Camille Coduri and Jane March.[6][7]

Current career[edit]

In 2012 she played "Miss Adventure" in a broadcast comedy pilot for HBO's "Funny or Die" She now presents as "Miss Adventure" for Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 3.[8]

Charity Work[edit]

She has mentored young people from The Prince's Trust, including Luke Tucker[9] and the young offenders in Sailing Miss Sadie who were introduced to Kaye by the Trust (see external link). She is Artistic Director of UK arts charity Art Saves Lives.

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