Samuil's Fortress, Ohrid

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For other places of the same name, see Samuil's Fortress (disambiguation)
Samuil's Fortress
Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Fortaleza de Samuel, Ohrid, Macedonia, 2014-04-17, DD 53.JPG
The fortress of Tsar Samuil
Samuil's Fortress is located in Republic of Macedonia
Samuil's Fortress
Samuil's Fortress
Type Castle
Site information
Controlled by Samuel of Bulgaria
Open to
the public
Site history
Built 4th century B.C.
Built by Phillip II of Macedon
Materials Limestone

Samuil's Fortress is a fortress in the old town of Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. It was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire[1] during the rule of Samuil in the middle-ages. Today, this historical monument is a major tourist attraction and was renovated in 2003.

According to recent excavations by Macedonian archaeologists, it was alleged that this fortress was built on the place of an earlier fortification, dated to 4th century B.C., which was probably built by king Phillip II of Macedon.[2]



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