Santo Antônio de Jesus

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Coat of arms
Map of the state of Bahía, Brazil pointing
State: Bahia
Meso-region: Metropolitana de Salvador
Micro-Region: Santo Antônio de Jesus
Founded: January 1, 1939
Location: 12.966/12° 58' 8" S lat.
39.25578/39° 15' 29" W long.
Area: 259.213 km²
Population: 86,876 (2006)
Population density: 335.2/km²
Postal code: 36980-xxx
Name of inhabitants: Santoantoniense
Climate: tropical

Santo Antônio de Jesus (first part, Portuguese meaning "Saint Anthony") is a city in the eastern part of the state of Bahia, Brazil and is located about 187 km west of the capital of Salvador. It serves the capital of the micro-region of the same name and is part of the Metropolitana de Salvador. Its coordinates are 12.966/12° 58' 8" S and the longitude is 39.25578/39° 15' 29" W. It has 86,876 inhabitants and the area is 259.213 km². Its density is 335.2/km² (2006).

Neighboring municipalities[edit]

Population history[edit]

Year Population Change Density
2004 84,057 - 324.28/km²
2006 86,876 - 335.2/km²


It is an important commercial and a service centre in the micro-region and It is attracting big companies to the city such as: Lojas Americanas, Ricardo Eletro and Loja Exclusiva Ortobom. It also features yearly festivals and it attracts tourism.


Famous persons includes Júnior, a five-time champion for the Brazilian national football team of football (soccer), and the singer named Netinho.


Perfeitura Municipal (city hall) of Santo Antonio de Jesus, Bahia

Santo Antônio de Jesus has schools or collegiates, a high school, churches, banks, supermarkets, squares and parks.


This article incorporates a translation from the Portuguese Wikipedia

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Coordinates: 12°58′09″S 39°15′40″W / 12.9691888989°S 39.2610805656°W / -12.9691888989; -39.2610805656