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Coordinates: 40°35′03″N 73°49′31″W / 40.5842°N 73.82535°W / 40.5842; -73.82535

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Scholars' Academy is a middle school and a high school (grades 6-12) for children that pass the State Exams with high grades. (3s and 4s). The school was started in 2006, and is located in Rockaway Park, New York. The school's address is 320 Beach 104th street, Rockaway Park.

From a pilot program, Scholars' Academy has evolved into a co-ed grade 6-12 middle/high school. There are 6-9 classes in each grade containing a ratio of 1:34. Students will be taking the Living Environment and Integrated Algebra Regents in 8th grade. In the high school there are four classes per grade.

To attend this school, there is an extensive application process. The process includes an application, filled out by the prospective student and their family and sent to Scholars' by their guidance counselor. Applicants either get early acceptance or an interview. After being accepted into the school, students must maintain an 85% or higher cumulative average.

Sports teams include boys basketball, girls basketball, cheerleading, co-ed soccer, girls softball (high school only), cross-country, and girls volleyball. In 2010-2011 HS Girls Volleyball Team won the PSAL Championships the second year they were in the competition. Some clubs at the school include the school newspaper, The Seaside Chronicle. The newspaper started in the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year.

Scholars have had many successes since its opening in 2006. Quality Review[citation needed]

  • 2006-07- well developed
  • 2007-08- outstanding
  • 2008-09- well developed

In the middle school, 6th 7th and 8th graders are given the opportunity to choose an elective. These electives are Band, Chess, Guitar, Magic Box, Drawing, Publishing. High-school students are also given their choices of electives, from drawing to guitar to music of Mexico to robotics.

The Principal is Brian O'Connell.

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