Schools' Head of the River Race

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Schools' Head of the River Race
Frequency Annual
Location(s) Championship Course, River Thames in London, England
Years active ?-Present
Previous event 26 March 2014
Next event 2015
Participants approx. 300 crews
Organised by Westminster School

The Schools' Head of the River Race (SHORR) is a processional rowing race organised by Westminster School for crews aged between 14 and 18 years old. The race also forms one third of the prestigious rowing 'triple'. The triple encompasses winning the Schools' Head of the River Race, the National Schools Regatta, and the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta.

Emanuel School still hold the record for the most wins at a total of 11.


The race is held annually on the River Thames in London, England, on the 4 14 miles (6.8 km) Championship Course from the University Stone in Mortlake to Westminster School Boat Club flagpole in Putney. It is rowed with the tide and is in the opposite direction to The Boat Race.

Race format[edit]

The race is seen as the largest head race of the winter season by junior crews. It attracts around 300 crews each year. However, composite crews, drawn from more than one club or school, are not permitted.

Aside from the Championship Course, the event used to offered a shortened course for smaller boats, such as J15 4s, J15 B 8's, and Maiden 4s. The shortened course ran from Hammersmith Bridge (previously from London Corinthian Sailing Club) to the regular finishing post at Putney. However, CD Riches, the event manager, changed this in 2009. All crews now do the full course of 6.8 km.

In 2012, the J4- and WJ4- events were introduced. A year later, the Mix4x event was also introduced to the head race.


The current record holders for the events are:

Men's events[edit]

Event Winner Time Year
Ch8+ Eton College 16:47 2009
1st8+ Canford School 17:13 2014
2nd8+ Shrewsbury School 17:22 2007
3rd8+ Hampton School 17:46 2007
J16 Ch8+ Hampton School 17:25 2011
J16 1st8+ Sir William Borlase's Grammar School 17:53 2011
J16 2nd8+ Hampton School 17:51 2014
J15 Ch8+ King's College School 17:58 2007
J15 1st8+ St George's College 18:12 2011
J15 2nd8+ St Paul's School 18:37 2012
J15 3rd8+ Hampton School 20:13 2013
J4x Westminster School 17:38 2014
J174x Westminster School 18:20 2014
J4- Westminster School 18:41 2012
J4+ George Watson's College 18:42 2007
J164+ Evesham RC 19:17 2011
J154+ Westminster School 19:38 2012

Women's events[edit]

Event Winner Time Year
WCh8+ The Lady Eleanor Holles School 18:28 2011
WJ168+ Kingston Rowing Club 19:41 2011
WJ158+ Headington School 19:51 2012
WJ4x Latymer Upper School 19:24 2011
WJ174x Henley Rowing Club 20:56 2014
WJ4- Sir William Borlase's Grammar School 20:37 2012
WJ4+ Henley Rowing Club 20:12 2007
WJ164+ Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls 21:03 2002

Mixed events[edit]

Event Winner Time Year
Mix4x Evesham Rowing Club 19:42 2013

Recent winners[edit]

Event Winner Time
Ch8+ St Paul's School 16:56
1st8+ Canford School 17:13
2nd8+ Latymer Upper School 17:29
3rd8+ Hampton School 18:02
J16Ch8+ Westminster School 17:26
J161st8+ Bedford Modern School 18:10
J162nd8+ Hampton School 17:51
J15Ch8+ St Paul's School 18:13
J151st8+ Westminster School 18:31
J152nd8+ St Paul's School 19:28
WCh8+ Headington School 18:49
WJ168+ The King's School, Chester 21:19
WJ158+ Henley Rowing Club 20:18
J4x Westminster School 17:38
J174x Westminster School 18:20
J4+ Evesham Rowing Club 19:57
J164+ The King's School, Chester 20:05
J154+ Norwich School 20:54
Mix4x Runcorn Rowing Club 20:45
WJ4x Gloucester Hartpury 20:53
WJ174x Henley Rowing Club 20:56
WJ4+ Henley Rowing Club 21:45
WJ164+ Bedford Girls School 21:59

Previous winners[edit]

Winner Time Year Second Third
St Paul's School 16:56 2014 St. Edward's School Radley College
Hampton School 17:10 2013 Abingdon School St Paul's School
Abingdon School 16:53 2012 Hampton School Shrewsbury School
Abingdon School 16:53 2011 Eton College Shrewsbury School
Eton College 17:22 2010 Shrewsbury School Hampton School
Eton College 16:47 2009 Shrewsbury School St Paul's School
Shrewsbury School 09:39* 2008 Abingdon School Eton College
  • denotes shortened course.

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