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Security Now!
Security Now.jpg
Hosting Steve Gibson
Leo Laporte
Genre Computer Security
Language English
Updates Weekly
Audio format MP3
Debut August 19, 2005; 8 years ago (2005-08-19)
License Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Website GRC Security Now! Episodes

Security Now! is a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. The first episode, “As the Worm Turns”, was released on August 19, 2005.[1]

Streamed live online and released every Wednesday, Security Now! consists of a discussion between Gibson and Laporte of issues of computer security and, conversely, insecurity. Covered topics have included security vulnerabilities, firewalls, password security, spyware, rootkits, Wi-Fi, virtual private networks, and virtual machines.

Podcast feed[edit]

Security Now! is distributed via its main podcast RSS feed and on the GRC Security Now! page. In addition to audio, text transcriptions are published, along with Gibson distributing a low-bandwidth 16 kbit/s version of the show on his own for those with low-bandwidth sources such as satellite internet or dial-up.

The podcast runs for approximately 90 minutes, typically starting with security news. Then Gibson reads a testimonial for his software SpinRite. The remainder of the show is spent on a particular theme.

Bi-weekly "Mailbag" episodes answer questions and respond to feedback submitted by listeners.[2]


In August 2007, Security Now! won in the People's Choice Podcast Awards Technology/Science category.[3] In August 2006, Security Now! ranked fourth in the "Top 40" of all podcasts listened to via the PodNova service.[4] Security Now! averaged around 100,000 downloads per episode throughout 2006.[5][6]

Windows Metafile controversy[edit]

In January 2006 Steve Gibson accused Microsoft of intentionally putting a backdoor into the Windows Metafile processing code in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Gibson claimed that while reverse engineering the Windows Metafile format, he could run arbitrary code by using a "nonsensical" value in the metafile, and concluded Microsoft had intentionally designed Windows this way so it could run code on Windows computers without the user's knowledge.[7] Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse responded in a Microsoft Security Response Center blog post the next day, saying the behavior was not intentional.[8]


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