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Sexcetera logo.
Genre Erotica
Format Adult/Newsmagazine
Starring Various
Country of origin United States
Running time 60 mins
Original channel Playboy TV
Original run 1998 – 2005

Sexcetera is an American television series airing on Playboy TV. Formatted as a newsmagazine, the program focused on human sexuality.[1]

Sexcetera is repeated from time to time on Sky Livingit and Pick in the United Kingdom and TV5 in Finland.

The show is currently on hiatus and may return to Sky Livingit or Pick in the future.


Sexcetera ran for over 80 episodes, many which were filmed in hotspots around Europe. Some episodes included 'International Passport' which saw the reporters go around the world in search of erotic trends.

Another episode was 'Sex 101' which was an on-hands episode to sexual education. Many of the reports were about relationship tips; mainly shared by presenter Sam Phillips. Furthermore, talking with sexologists on how to improve your relationship.

As well as relationship tips, many of the reports unveiled a bizarre look at the world of sex from foot fetishes to transvestite parties to erotic art. In addition to these reports, many of the presenters often got naked (especially at gatherings) and joined in with the people involved.

It is noted too that there are a few episodes which saw the best of Sexcetera throughout the years, including the best of Kira Reed and Andrea Lowell as well as 50 Shades of Sexcetera.

However, most of the episodes were named, for example, 'For January' which simply showed the best erotic trends and toys for that month as well as miscellaneous reports from each presenter on topics like the latest in sex research, a report on a nudist donut shop, an overview on sex therapy and sex education in schools.


Launched in 1998, Sexcetera ran for more than 80 episodes. By the time the program went off the air in 2005, it had become one of Playboy TV's longest-running series.

The show featured four to five reports per one-hour episode. Filmed throughout the United States and in Europe, the reports generally covered sexual fetishes, adult entertainment expos and gatherings, current erotic trends, sex toys, porn celebrities and tips for couples.

Correspondents presented their stories in a humorous style; female correspondents often appeared in the nude. As befitting its subject matter, the series is sexually explicit, with unsimulated sexual activity shown from time to time, with increasing explicitness as the series went on.


Parent's Guide[edit]

Sex and nudity[edit]

Almost all of the scenes in this program show people engaging in sexual intercourse and nudity.


Many of the presenters use language that is not suitable for children.

Intense scenes[edit]

Some viewers may find scenes of a bizarre nature which they may find disturbing.


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