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For the city in Iran, see Shonbeh.

Shanbeh (شنبه in Persian) is the name of the first day of the week in the Jalaali calendar, mainly used in Iran. It is equivalent to Saturday in the Gregorian Calendar.

The name of the rest of the days of the week are: Yek-shanbeh = Sunday (یکشنبه); Do-shanbeh = Monday (دوشنبه); Se-shanbeh = Tuesday (سه شنبه); Chahar-shanbeh = Wednesday (چهارشنبه); Panj-shanbeh = Thursday (پنج شنبه); Adineh = Friday (آدینه). (Note: Yek=One; Do=Two; Se=Three; Chahar=Four; Panj=Five) (Note: Jom'eh also means Friday.)

Name Persian Equivalent Also
Shanbeh شنبه Saturday
Yek-shanbeh یکشنبه Sunday
Do-shanbeh دوشنبه Monday
Se-shanbeh سه شنبه Tuesday
Chahar-shanbeh چهارشنبه Wednesday
Panj-shanbeh پنج شنبه Thursday
Adineh آدینه Friday جمعه = Jom'eh