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Shenzhen Tong
Shenzhen Tong.png
Location Shenzhen
Launched April, 2004
Technology FeliCa (until December, 2007)
RFID-SIM(moblie Shenzhen Tong)
Manager Shenzhen Tong Limited
Currency RMB
Credit expiry None
Auto recharge Automatic Add Value Service

Shenzhen Tong (Chinese: 深圳通) is a contactless smartcard system used for electronic payments in public transportation and some other areas in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. It was developed by Shenzhen Modern Computer, the provider of automatic fare collection systems to Shenzhen Metro, with cooperation from Octopus Cards Limited, the operator of Hong Kong's Octopus cards system.[citation needed] It was first adopted by minibuses in Shenzhen, until the new system was introduced by Shenzhen Metro.

Starting from January 18, 2006, Shenzhen Tong was gradually accepted by public buses to replace the old IC card system by Shenzhen Bus. Currently, all routes operated by Shenzhen Bus Group,Shenzhen Eastern Bus,Shenzhen Western Bus and most other private buses operators accept Shenzhen Tong cards.

Infineon Technologies announced it has won a contract to be the sole supplier of contactless microprocessor chips for Shenzhen Tong cards. Issuance unit volume of these cards is expected to exceed three million by the end of 2008.[1]

Shenzhen Tong card can be purchased for RMB20 (Sale Version Card) deposit. Shenzhen Tong Card and Hong Kong Octopus Card have already released Hu Tong Xing Card, the Shenzhen Tong - Octopus Card 2 in 1 Co-Branded Card with RMB & HKD in different purse.[2]

Types of cards[edit]

Shenzhen Tong Company is promoting Hu Tong Xing at the unpaid area of Shenzhen University Station, Shenzhen Metro. The top one in the shelf is Hu Tong Xing Trade Edition Card (deep-blue) which is scheduled to sell only in Shenzhen and the bottom one is Hu Tong Xing Trade Edition Card (orange-yellow) which is scheduled to sell only in Hong Kong.
  • Rent Version Card
  • Sale Version Card
  • Special Preferential Card
  • Bank Co-Branded Card
  • Memorial Card
  • Corporation Bardian Card
  • Mini Card
  • Mobile phone Shenzhen Tong (CMCC,China Telecom,China Unicom)
  • 「互通行」 (Hu Tong Xing Card, literal meaning Interoperable Pass Card; Shenzhen Tong - OctopusCard 2 in 1 Co-Branded Card with RMB & HKD in different purse)

Purchase, Returning & Add Value[edit]


  • Service center in all station of Shenzhen Metro.
  • Post offices in Shenzhen.
  • Shenzhen Tong Customer service center.
  • Some Convenient Stores in Shenzhen.


  • Shenzhen Tong Customer service center.

Add Value[edit]

Shenzhen Tong Add Value Machine (bank card) in Chegongmiao Station, Shenzhen Metro. You can add value for your Card-type Shenzhen Tong and Mobile Shenzhen Tong here with China UnionPay Debit card.

Add Value Method[edit]

  • Inserting: Insert your Shenzhen Tong into the machine to finish the add value formality. Applies to all Card-type Shenzhen Tongs.
  • Induction: Approach your Shenzhen Tong to the inductor to finish the add value formality. Applies to all Shenzhen Tongs except Mobile Phone Shenzhen Tong.
  • Aerial: To finish the add value formality through some special Add Value Machine, POS Machine and Online Business Hall. Only applies to Mobile Phone Shenzhen Tongs and some Bank Co-Branded Cards.

Add Value Place[edit]

  • Add Value Machine and service center in all station of Shenzhen Metro
  • Shenzhen Tong Customer service center.

Areas of application[edit]



Convenient Stores[edit]


  • Miandianwang.

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