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Shira Lazar
Shira Lazar SXSW 2011.jpg
Shira Lazar at the 2011 SXSW
Born May 6 1983
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Known for Lifecasting, Video journalism
Notable work(s) Mahalo Daily, What's Trending
Internet information
Web hosting service(s) YouTube, Viddler, LiveStream, Ustream
Signature phrase "on-air, online"

Shira Lazar is a Canadian television personality, actress, writer and video blogger who currently resides and works in Los Angeles.

Lazar's writing has been featured on,,, and others, and she has appeared as a host or as a guest at The Oscar's (online red carpet host), CNN, Fox News, The Grammy's, Yahoo! (Entertainment Host).

Lazar currently runs DISRUPT/GROUP, an online production company she co-founded, and was once a regular feature writer and video blogger for the CBS blog 'OnTheScene'[1] She is the creator and host of Partners Project, a YouTube talk show which has interviewed such YouTube stars like iJustine, Shay Carl, Freddie Wong, Lisa Nova, Michelle Phan, Ok Go, and Nice Peter.[2]

She is also the creator, executive producer and host of What's Trending. It consists of a blog that is updated daily, as well as a live interactive talk show covering the most popular videos on YouTube that airs daily on[3]


Lazar was born in Montreal, Quebec. After graduating from St. George's High School she went on to study at Dawson College where she worked on The Plant newspaper. After finishing college she moved to Boston, Massachusetts to attend Emerson College[4] and obtained a BA in TV/Video production. Shira was the voice of the Peach in "Annoying Orange: Jalapeno ". She is the stepsister of American Apparel founder Dov Charney.


Lazar began her media career in 2004 as host of the College Sports Television program "1st Person". In 2005 she went on to become a host and producer for Music Plus TV and hosted celebrity Q&A video's on Yahoo. In 2006 she contributed feature pieces to, and wrote that year's Oscar's awards night preview feature for Los Angeles Confidential.

Lazar developed and hosted an online reality competition for at TasteMaker.[5] In 2009 she became the host of the online weekly video program This Week in YouTube.[6] In April 2008 Lazar began hosting "LX TV", a lifestyle entertainment show for NBC4 in Los Angeles.[7]

Lazar covered the latest technology and media trends in a blog for called OnTheScene.[8] Lazar is a co-founder of the digital production company DISRUPT/GROUP,[9] which produces online content such as The Partners Project, and interview show that profiles and features viral video stars.[10] Lazar is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post on issues of new technology, digital life and viral web trends.[11] In 2009 Lazar was a featured writer and blogger on Travel Channel's "Confessions of a Travel Writer".[12]

In 2010, Lazar was a guest speaker at the Mashable and CNN Media Summit.[13] Also in 2010, Lazar was nominated by Wired as one of the sexiest geeks of 2010.[14] In 2011, Lazar was featured in Fast Company magazine as one of the "Most Influential Women in Technology".[15] Lazar was also the host of Fashion's Night Out for Macy's in September 2011.[16] Also in 2011, Lazar was featured by The Huffington Post's "Women in Tech" series as "Women in Tech You Need to Follow."[17]

Lazar hosted the online red carpet event for the 2011 Grammy Music Awards.[18] Lazar also hosted the live stream red carpet and backstage access for the 2011 Oscar's coverage for[19]

On September 20, 2011 Lazar started a weekly blog series on Entrepreneur titled, "Social Media Breakdown."[20] In October 2011, in partnership with MTV's A Thin Line Campaign, Lazar began an anti-bullying campaign using the Twitter hashtag #StopBullying.[21]

On December 6, 2011, Lazar was interviewed by Leslie Bradshaw of Forbes where she stated, "Not only is Shira a powerhouse in her own right, but she is also a pioneer in the field. Many have dabbled in vlogging, but few have stuck it out and brought immense value along the way. When I think of the modern correspondent, I think of Shira."[22]

In October 2012, Lazar was listed in Variety's Women's Impact Report 2012, under the Creatives category.[23]

What's Trending[edit]

On May 17, 2011, Lazar began hosting a weekly, live, interactive television show called What's Trending. The show consists of two celebrity panelist discussing news that's currently trending or has been during the week in addition to live performances and special events.

What's Trending was nominated for a 2012 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, Original Interactive Television Programing.[24]

In December 2012, What's Trending participated in the 1st Annual Tube-A-Tweet-A-Thon."[25] People would go to Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #Tubeathon and $1 would be donated to Covenant House to try and raise $50,000 to serve homeless youth.

In August of 2012, What's Trending announced a partnership with YouTube to go from live weekly to daily as the "MTV of YouTube".[26]

In June 2013, What's Trending received a seven figure investment from Bedrocket Media Ventures to expand production, distribution and ad sales.[27]

Controversy and Subsequent Removal from CBS News[edit]

On September 9, 2011, someone at "What's Trending" erroneously posted that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had died on the official "What's Trending" Twitter account.[28] The tweet had said "Reports say that Steve Jobs has passed away. Stay tuned for more updates,” and was soon trending.[29] The tweet was removed shortly thereafter, with Lazar apologizing, saying Jobs death was "completely unconfirmed". Later from her own Twitter account, Lazar apologized again for the inaccuracy of what had been tweeted.[30] Hours after the first tweet was posted, CBS News severed ties with "What's Trending" and Lazar.[31]


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