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Shirley Matthews was a Canadian pop singer born in Harrow, Ontario.

Matthews sang in a church choir and at high school dances prior to embarking on a career in music. She worked in a Bell Telephone office while singing nights at the Club Bluenote in Toronto.[1] Her debut single, "Big Town Boy", was a major hit in Canada in 1964, selling over a million copies.[2] She won the RPM Gold Leaf Award for Female Vocalist of the Year in 1964.[1] Later singles failed to duplicate "Big Town Boy"'s success.

Big Town Boy debuted on 1050 Chum in Toronto on December 2/1963 on the same day as She loves you [3]

In 1967, she married, taking the name Shirley Vedder, and quit the music industry, eventually becoming the CEO of a chain of racquetball and sports fitness clubs.[1]

On January 8th, 2013 Shirley died in Toronto, Ontario. [4]