Shiro (restaurant)

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Restaurant information
Closed 2001
Head chef Kei Pilz
Food type Japanese and Sushi
City Ahakista, County Cork
Country Ireland
Seating capacity 18

Shiro is a former restaurant in Ahakista, County Cork, Ireland. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in the period 1996-2001.[1][2] The Michelin Guide awarded the restaurant the "Red M", indicating 'good food at a reasonable price', in the period 1988-1995.[3] The Egon Ronay Guide awarded the restaurant one star in the period 1988-1989.[4]

The kitchen style was Japanese and Sushi.[5][6]

The restaurant had only a short menu, no staff (the owners were also head chef and waiter), one seating a night and was located in a typical Irish Cottage.[7][8]

Head chef of Shiro was the late Kei Pilz.[9]

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Coordinates: 51°35′58.29″N 9°37′50.36″W / 51.5995250°N 9.6306556°W / 51.5995250; -9.6306556