Shockwave (Star Trek novel)

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Shockwave Trek cover.jpg
Author Paul Ruditis
Country United States
Language English
Series Star Trek: Enterprise
Genre Science fiction novel
Publisher Pocket Books
Publication date
October 2002 (hardback)
July 2004 (paperback)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 305 pp
ISBN ISBN 0-7434-6456-7 (first edition, paperback)
OCLC 55699307
Preceded by By the Book
Followed by What Price Honor?

Shockwave is a Star Trek: Enterprise novel, which was released in October 2002 (hardback) and July 2004 (paperback).


The Starship Enterprise NX-01 makes contact with the Paraagan deep-space colony. It is a matriarchal society with an unusually volatile gas. The Enterprise crew understands the danger and makes the precuation to their shuttle as they land, closing the plasma vents so nothing dangerous can escape.

An explosion occurs, vaprozing thirty-six hundrec colonosts. The entire surface is destroyed.

The Enterprise is recalled and Captain Archer must convince his superiors and the Vulcan high command that despite this incident, humans are still ready and able to explore space.

And yet, this is not the events history records. The mysterious time traveling Enterprise crewman, Daniels, offers information suggestion the timeline is altered. Captain Archer sets out to do what he can to prove the Enterprise innocent.

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