Siméon-François Berneux

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Siméon-François Berneux
Bishop Berneux was tortured and then beheaded on March 7, 1866.[1]
Korean name
Hangul 장경일
Hanja 張敬一
Revised Romanization Jang Gyeong-il
McCune–Reischauer Chang Kyŏngil

Siméon-François Berneux (14 May 1814 – 7 March 1866) was a French Catholic missionary, and a member of the Paris Foreign Missions Society who was canonized as a saint.

The questioning of Siméon Berneux.

He was born at Château-du-Loir, and was executed in the anti-Christian purges at Saenamteo, Seoul, Korea, in 1866. His death provoked the French intervention the same year.

His relics are in the Institut St. Philipp Neri in Berlin, Germany.



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