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Slough is a town in Berkshire, England.

Slough may also refer to:


Slough (hydrology) is a term in hydrology that refers to:

  • a stream distributary or anabranch, or in some cases, a regular stream.
  • a muddy marsh in the British Isles.
  • a swamp or shallow lake system with trees (Eastern and South Eastern United States).
  • a secondary channel of a river delta, without trees (Pacific coast of North America).
  • a pond, often alkaline


Biology and medicine[edit]

  • Yellow necrotic tissue referred to as slough.
  • Slough (moulting), in animals, to shed the skin or shell
  • Slough sedge, the grass-like plant Carex obnupta



  • Alan Slough (born 1947), footballer who played for Luton Town and Fulham
  • John P. Slough (1829–1867), American politician and general

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