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Soft soap can refer to one of the following:

  • a general purpose soap that is liquid or easily soluble, (traditionally made undertaking saponification with potassium- instead of the usual sodium hydroxide as opposed to a hard soap which will only dissolve sparingly.
  • a hygiene product made exclusively from natural oils. In this case "soft" prefix is a reference to it being "softer on nature" than regular, synthetic soaps.
  • a term for "flattery" and "blarney", especially when applied to ingratiating praise intended to persuade, cajole or wheedle a favor. Cheaper oils and potash were used in making softer soaps, and so they were less effective, but the expression connotes persuasive flattery.
  • a logical fallacy using insincere flattery or praise to weaken the opponent in a debate.
  • Softsoap (without a space) is the trade name of a liquid soap product.
  • Soft Soap TV is a weekly community soap opera open to all local residents of Pitsmoor, Sheffield in the UK. Characters are played by soft toys chromakeyed over photographs of local locations.