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Although the station and platforms are long gone, stairs leading to Central Street remain.

Somerville Junction was the name of a railroad junction and station in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States. The station was located at the site of the present-day park near the intersection of Centre and Woodbine Streets.[1][2] Nearby, a westward connector split off from the main line of the Boston and Lowell Railroad. It was built by the B&L to connect to the Lexington and Arlington Railroad after its 1870 acquisition. A branch was later added, extending the connector to form the Fitchburg Cutoff. A publication highlighting Somerville railroad history in connection with a planned MBTA Green Line extension includes a photo of the depot and a discussion of Somerville Junction's history.[3] Per 1895 maps, the station was situated about 70 yards (65 meters) from the Central Street bridge,[4] and the junction of the tracks was about 240 yards (225 meters) farther northwest.[5]

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Coordinates: 42°23′26.2″N 71°06′10.1″W / 42.390611°N 71.102806°W / 42.390611; -71.102806