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Super solvers spellbound coverart.jpg
Developer(s) The Learning Company
Publisher(s) The Learning Company
Platform(s) PC (Windows, Macintosh)
Release date(s) [1]
Genre(s) Educational
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Floppy disks

Spellbound! is an educational computer game made and distributed by The Learning Company aimed at teaching spelling, vocabulary, and language development to children ages 7 to 12.[2] The objective of the game is to play spelling-related games to qualify and compete for successively higher bracket spelling bees, concluding with the player competing in the national spelling bee. The original game, released in 1991, was compatible with computers running DOS 3.3 or higher. A 1993 CD release added spoken dialogue and was compatible with Windows 95 and Macintosh.


Spellbound! is an educational game whose objective is to reach and win the national spelling bee. Before competing at the national spelling bee, however, the player must first successfully compete and win at the class-wide, school-wide, city-wide, and state-wide spelling bees. To qualify for these spelling bees, the player must first earn a set number of points by playing spelling-related games. These games include Criss Cross, a crossword-type puzzle, Flash Cards, where the player must recall the word shown, and a word search.


There are several crossovers in this game from other Learning Company video games. In the introduction sequence, an elf from Treasure Mountain! appears. Additionally, other competitors in the spelling bees include robots from Midnight Rescue! and OutNumbered!.


Review scores
Publication Score
AllGame 2.5/5 stars[3]
MobyGames 3.9 out of 5[1]

Spellbound! was moderately well received, getting two and a half stars out of five from Allgame[3] and an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 from MobyGames.[1]


System requirements
Operating system DOS 5.0 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher
CPU 486DX 66MHz
Memory 4 MB RAM
Graphics hardware 256-color display
Sound hardware Windows-compatible sound card
Operating system System 7.5.1
CPU Macintosh 68040
Memory 16MHz and Power PC
Hard drive 5 MB

Spellbound! is a member of the Learning Company's Super Solvers series. The Super Solvers series is a series of computer games released by The Learning Company that contain both educational and entertainment qualities. Other programs in this series include Midnight Rescue!, OutNumbered!, and Gizmos and Gadgets! among others.


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