Stanko Karaman

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Stanko Karaman
Born (1889-12-08)8 December 1889
Died 17 May 1959(1959-05-17) (aged 69)
Occupation biologist

Stanko Karaman (1889-1959) was a Macedonian biologist, researcher on amphipods and isopods. He funded the zoological garden of Skopje, Macedonia.

Several species are named after him, for example Delamarella karamani Petkovski, 1957 (Harpacticoida, Latiremidae), Stygophalangium karamani Oudemans, 1933 (Arachnida, incertae sedis), or Macedonethes stankoi Karaman, 2003 (Isopoda, Trichoniscidae).

In 1926 he founded the Macedonian Museum of Natural History in Skopje and in 1928, the zoological garden of Skopje.

There are several other researchers with the same name, that have also species named after them, for example:


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