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State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America is a 2006 book by American conservative Patrick Buchanan. The book criticizes the large number of illegal immigrants entering the United States, alleging that the influx constitutes a crisis with profound cultural, political, and economic impact on the country.


  • chapter 1: How civilizations perish
  • chapter 2: The invasion
  • chapter 3: Coming to America
  • chapter 4: The face of America : 2050
  • chapter 5: Suicide of the GOP
  • chapter 6: Roots of paralysis
  • chapter 7: A grudge against the Gringo
  • chapter 8: The Aztlan plot
  • chapter 9: What is a nation?
  • chapter 10: The return of tribalism
  • chapter 11: Eurabia
  • chapter 12: "A nation of immigrants"?
  • chapter 13: Last chance

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