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Steffan O'Sullivan is the author of several role-playing game books.


Steffan O'Sullivan was a GURPS writer whose projects included GURPS Swashbucklers (1990) and GURPS Bunnies & Burrows (1992).[1]:319 He designed the FUDGE role-playing game system, first releasing it for free on the internet on December 7, 1993.[1]:319 His friend Ann Dupuis was interesting in starting her own game company, and using FUDGE as her flagship game; O'Sullivan agreed, provided the game remain free and available on the internet, so Dupuis created Wild Mule Games and released a limited print edition of FUDGE in 1994.[1]:319 Dupuis changed the company's name to Grey Ghost Press in 1995, and convinced O'Sullivan to work up a new ruleset for FUDGE, released to the internet in June 1995, and published later that year as the first large-scale FUDGE release from Grey Ghost Press.[1]:320 O'Sullivan changed the name from FUDGE to Fudge in 2000, and officially transferred the rights to the game to Grey Ghost Press in March 2004.[1]:320

Among his works are the GURPS system books Bestiary, Bunnies & Burrows, Fantasy Bestiary and Swashbucklers. He is also the collaborative author of the Fudge open gaming system and the Sherpa game.

He currently[when?] lives in New Hampshire.


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