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Style By Jury is a Canadian makeover show which was shown on the W Network since 2007.


Contestants are told that they are doing an audition for a makeover show, but are kept unaware that they have been pre-selected. In the auditioning room there is a jury behind a two-way mirror, and it is asked for honest first opinions about the contestant. After the interview, the jury's opinions will be shown to the contestant on a television set. Then, the host would tell them that they have been chosen to have a makeover.

The Makeover[edit]

The contestants visit a cosmetic dentist, a dermatologist, a beauty parlor, a makeup artist, have their existing clothing reviewed by a style expert and then go shopping for new clothing. Depending on their situation they will be given fitness tips, visit a therapist or receive various kinds of training and coaching. After a week the contestant will be rejudged by a different jury that will include someone close to him/her.


Host: Bruce Turner introduces the contestant to the jury and helps them through their makeover week.

Wardrobe Consultant: David Clemmer goes through the contestant's wardrobe pointing out what they own that does, or does not fit their body type or age. He then takes them shopping to buy new clothing and provides tips to help them dress better.

Cosmetic Dermatologist: Dr. Kucy Pon and Dr. Fred Weksberg clear up blemishes, sun damage, scars or other skin problems.

Eye Specialist: Dr. Raymond M. Stein and Dr. Sheldon Herzig correct eye problems enabling some contestants to stop using glasses or contact lenses.

Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. William Middleton

Hair Stylists: Francesco Fontana and Johnny Cupello

Make-up artist: Korby Banner

Cosmetic Dentistry: Dr. Armaghan Afsar and Dr. Andrew Charkiw

Production Manager: Spiro Egarhos

International distribution[edit]

The series has aired in Singapore on MediaCorp Channel 5 since 2009, in the Netherlands RTL8, on Bulgarian and Serbian Fox Life,in France on Teva, in Spain on Divinity and in the United States via syndication (through Program Partners) and Lifetime Real Women through Thunderbird Films. The show is produced by Planetworks Inc out of Toronto. In Spain, this TV programme (Tu estilo a juicio) featured on the Divinity channel [1] which belongs to Mediaset España Comunicación. Mediaset España Comunicación is the largest television network company in Spain.


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