Sugar Valley, Georgia

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Sugar Valley is a very small unincorporated community in Gordon County, Georgia, United States, northwest of Calhoun and east of Horn Mountain Ridge. Georgia Highway 136 runs through the center of the town.


Sugar Valley is located near the northwest corner of Gordon County. Nearby is the Oostanaula River. 3 miles to the west of Sugar Valley at the extreme edge of Gordon County is the Ridge and Valley region of Georgia where Horn Mountain separates Gordon and Floyd County. The mountain reaches over 1,800 feet in elevation compared to 600 feet in Sugar Valley.

Main features[edit]

  • Sugar Valley ZIP Code : 30746
  • Sugar Mill and Cedar Springs subdivisions

Notable residents[edit]

Coordinates: 34°33′29″N 85°00′43″W / 34.55806°N 85.01194°W / 34.55806; -85.01194