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The Oostanaula River near the Gordon and Floyd County line. (Photo taken by Jonathan Robert Correll, May 2006

The Oostanaula River (pronounced "oo-stuh-NA-luh") is a principal tributary of the Coosa River, about 49 miles (79 km) long,[1] in northwestern Georgia in the United States. Via the Coosa and Alabama rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mobile River, which flows to the Gulf of Mexico. Its name is said to come from a Cherokee Indian term meaning "rock that bars the way". Other proposed meanings include "shoally river", and "a rock ledge across a stream".


The Oostanaula River is formed in northern Gordon County, Georgia, by the confluence of the Conasauga and Coosawattee rivers, and flows generally south-southwestwardly through Gordon and Floyd counties, past the towns of Resaca and Calhoun. It joins the Etowah River at Rome to form the Coosa River.

Variant names[edit]

According to the GNIS, the river has also been known as:

  • Estanola River
  • Estanole River
  • Oostenauleh River
  • Oostennallah River
  • Oostinawley River
  • Oustanale River
  • Oustanalee River
  • Ustanali River

On this 1796 map the river is labelled "Eastanallee R."

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Coordinates: 34°15′14″N 85°10′36″W / 34.25389°N 85.17667°W / 34.25389; -85.17667