Swallow Tales

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Swallow Tales
Studio album by Cochise
Released 1971
Recorded 1971
Genre Country rock
Length 39:52
Label Liberty Records
Producer Cochise, Dick Taylor
Cochise chronology
Swallow Tales
So Far

Swallow Tales is a 1971 album by British country rock band Cochise.

Cochise was most well known for guitarist Mick Grabham, who joined British rock band Procol Harum after Cochise dissolved in 1972.[1] The album was released in 1971,[2] and featured several supporting artists including Tim Renwick and Cat Batchelor.[3] The album was released by music label Liberty Records.[4]

The album was originally released as an LP, and was later released on CD. The album was produced by Dick Taylor in conjunction with the band.[2]


The band were formed in 1969 and released their first album, Cochise, in 1970.[2] The makeup of the band changed greatly before the recording of Swallow Tales as lead singer Stewart Brown was replaced by John Gilbert.[5] Guitarist BJ Cole said that Gilbert's voice contrasted with the voice of Brown, as Gilbert sounded best on rock songs whereas Brown was more mellow.[2] Critic Richie Unterberger (of Allmusic), however, felt that the music sounded largely the same as on their previous self-titled album, and described them as "middle of the pack" with neither "stylistic distinction" or "top-shelf songwriting".[5]

The song-writing was done entirely by guitarists Mick Grabham and Cole, with the exception of "Love's Made a Fool of You" which is by Buddy Holly and Bob Montgomery.[5]


  1. "Love's Made a Fool of You" - 2:51
  2. "Jed Collder" - 3:18
  3. "Down Country" Girls - 1:49
  4. "Home Again" - 3:41
  5. "Lost Hearts" - 3:25
  6. "Strange Images" - 2:03
  7. "Why I Sing the Blues" - 4:09
  8. "Another Day" - 5:16
  9. "Axiom of Maria" - 7:02
  10. "Can I Break Your Heart" - 5:03
  11. "O Come All Ye Faithful" - 1:15


  • Nigel Olsson - Vocals, Vocal Harmony
  • Caleb Quaye - Piano
  • Roger Wake - Engineer
  • Rick Wills - Bass, Vocals, Percussion, Vocals, Group Member
  • John Wilson - Drums
  • Hugh Fielder - Liner Notes
  • Paul David Hickson - Cover Art, Art Conception
  • Cochise - Producer, Main Performer
  • Mick Grabham - Guitar (Acoustic), Soloist, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Group Member, Keyboards, Guitar
  • Steve Marriott - Piano, Vocals
  • Tim Renwick - Guitar, Soloist
  • John Gilbert - Vocals, Group Member
  • Cal Batchelor - Guitar
  • Stuart Brown - Guitar, Vocals
  • B.J. Cole - Dobro, Guitar (Steel), Guitar, Art Conception, Group Member, Pedal Steel, Arranger


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