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Theban tomb TT191
Burial site of Wahibre-Nebpehti
Location El-Assasif, Theban Necropolis
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N5 V29 ib nb
in hieroglyphs

Tomb TT191, located in the necropolis of El-Assasif in Thebes in Egypt, is the tomb of Wahibre-Nebpehti, who was the chamberlain of the divine adoratrice and the director of the festival from the time of Psamtik I. Wahibre-Nebpehti's tomb is part of the TT192 tomb complex.
Wahibre-nebpehti was the son of Pedehor (a head of the outline draughtsmen) and Thesmutpert. Wahibre-nebpehti had a son who was named Pedehor after his grandfather. The son was also a chamberlain of the divine adoratrice.[1]


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