Tabasco state election, 2006

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A local election was held in the Mexican state of Tabasco on Sunday, 15 October 2006. Voters went to the polls to elect, on the local level:

Gubernatorial Election[edit]

Eight political parties participate in the 2006 Tabasco state election; two of them (the PRD and PT) joined forces.

Party/Alliance Candidate
National Action Party (PAN) Juan Francisco Cáceres de la Fuente
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Andrés Rafael Granier Melo
Alliance for the Good of All (PRD, PT) César Raúl Ojeda Zubieta
Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) Pascual Bellizzia Rosique
New Alliance (PANAL) Manuel Carlos Paz Ojeda
Social Democratic and Peasant Alternative Party (PASDC)

NOTE: Although CD participated in the election the party decided to have no candidate for Governor of Tabasco while the PASDC decided, at the end of the campaign, to support the PRD-PT candidate.