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Taiko Risshiden V
Taiko Risshiden V - Koei PSP cover art.png
Cover art for Taiko Risshiden V for the PlayStation Portable
Developers Koei
Publishers Koei
Year of inception 1992

Taikō Risshiden V (太閤立志伝5 ?) is a Japanese video game series (turn-based sandbox role-playing video games/turn-based strategy) produced by Koei. It was later re-released on the Wii Virtual Console on September 1, 2009, ported from the Super Famicom version.

The name of the game roughly means "the Taikō's success story". The games involve the player taking on the role of a character from the Momoyama period in one of seven roles (samurai, warrior, pirate, ninja, businessman, doctor, tea man, and blacksmith) and living that life through minigames, resource management, and strategic thinking. A good player will meet various historical figures of the era. This game combines ROTK 7, 8, and 10 and put them in one game set in the sengoku era.


The game follows the card system used in Taikō Risshiden IV with expanded play of some of the previous professions. Additionally, there are an increased number of playable warlords (800 people in the Windows version, 860 in the PS2 version). Also, people other than the military commander may appear such as missionaries, monks, and wives. In this installment of the game it is possible to travel to four overseas bases: Naha (Ryukyu, now part of Japan), Busan (Korea), Ningbo (Ming China), and Luzon (nowadays the Philippines).

The military commander graphics changed from manga style to a graphic novel style, and Nobunaga's Ambition-type gameplay is seen. Had to be performed each time the mini-games in the case of internal affairs and studying in the previous work further, but (unless you have aligned the conditions in the PS2 version or later), omitted setting also added mini-games in this work. However it is necessary to perform a mini-game, even though the abbreviated set at the time of some events, and also becomes more conforming to the ability value for the technique of the player is not reflected in the results of that case. Was in the PS2 version of the previous work still further, elements that new mode is added by the acquisition bill number increase is also equipped with the Win version in this work. In other works Koei Power Up Kit warlords data editor feature that is often added by also be added by collecting the tags of all in this work. the creation of new military commander the player is made to appear in the game as fictional military commander of their own, they did not choose only from the graphics that have been pre-determined in the previous work, but his face like a combination of parts and accessories face in this work I was able to create a. Also play with the women warlords or even become possible over the first series, the new military commander other than yourself have or even come to be made to appear to a maximum 40 people at the same time.


The period culminated with a series of three warlords, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, who gradually unified Japan. After Tokugawa Ieyasu's final victory at the siege of Osaka in 1615, Japan settled down into several centuries of peace under the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Character creation[edit]

For even more replay value, there’s a fairly robust character creation system where you can create and insert into the game world to interact or choose as your main character. It’s probably even more impressive when you consider that the character customization option is done using 2D art rather than 3D models, so the game developers must have put a lot of work into drawing many possible portrait combinations to choose from.

Type of play style[edit]

Play and introduction to and merchants ninja was possible to samurai other than in previous work, the regular ending and not prepared to samurai other than the Win version, main was a warrior to the last play. Play with the forces of other samurai is substantial in this work. The How To Play power play which is the core business can be roughly divided into Occupation: play (samurai-ninja-pirate-merchant can not be serve concurrently with other, but regular ending which is the best on earth is present), and the sideline (swordsman-doctor, blacksmith, master of tea ceremony: two types of) can concurrently serve as the core business there. You can play from the beginning Kinoshita Tokichiro addition to (samurai play direction), Hattori Hanzo (Ninja play direction) Kuki Yoshitaka (pirate play direction) barn Sukezaemon (merchant play direction) Yagyu Muneyoshi 5 (Swordsman play direction) It's people, but the scenario increases or by to gather the card along with the progress of the game, part of the new military commander or more, and is adapted to or able to play hero in another. Note When facing each in five of the aforementioned "recommended play", according to the "Taiko Risshiden V Maniacs," "great erudition old man" (such as when social status was go up and receive the master's orders inexperienced in the back set true identity " south Total Satomi Hakkenden of " 丶大priest ) appeared to us to advice to play. The example case of a doctor, sometimes it is possible to prolong the death of a person susceptible to disease itself as well as hardly to disease, and capitalize the force play occupation play. Also in addition to the play which is prepared in advance, such as travelers, raver-Tsujigiri how to proceed by the player, play a variety of styles are possible. The parameters "fame" and "infamy" is present in this work, etc. to get to win the warlords high skills on the individual match and "Swordsman" or the like (individual competition, the title tag that is eye-catching in a good way (The attack military commanders, the requester does not increase if you were asked to (ninja crowd to sabotage), to encourage the rebellion boss that it threatens rebellion, "fame" is, at the time of the practice bad behavior if a) "notorious" is higher if a), and the like lay it on the last line of giving a medicine that does not work. Working in positive game may work negatively also is depending on the data of the two. For example, get to defeated in tavern or inn "fame" is high, get to align to the castle, the benefits of such Moraeru by clinging even busy there, but the introduction to the ninja can not be by known face, it is not necessarily only benefits such as more likely to be attacked by a ninja. On the other hand there is a disadvantage likely refused the officer "notorious" is high, can be easily targeted by military commander of the swordsman class on the street, residents stability and likely to fall, but over there without fear even met raiders Sometimes Te run away. Both go down over time in the game, but by making a donation at the temple is also lowered bad name.

Samurai play[edit]

" Early in the play style from ", and conquered the castle across the country as such lords under the feudal lord it up in the world from footmen ganger, belong, by an event or happening or cause a rebellion. Alternatively, aims to Hagyo achieved slaved, it is a play that aims to conquer the whole country itself become a feudal lord. It has been the most complete as the width of the play, and play with all the same as long as the original evil has also become possible.

Merchants play[edit]

We aim to positive first place investiture or uniform national lords who has become a purveyor or thing, is (merchant princes) Tsukasa merchants in the commercial area of the whole country all the merchant to their own genus. It means that master's orders are given rating is opened like the samurai play in merchant play. A buy-out of the U.S., peddling, and usury in the master's orders of merchant-specific. And continue to rise assistant manager, clerk, and manager As you gained from meritorious apprentice, allowed to goodwill and finally, it is possible to become the family head. Pull the outlets between the two towns previous similar 2 after reaching the family head, it is possible to obtain the benefit. Able to increase the size of the town by investing in a sitting of each town, to create a new trade goods may not be a merchant, but secondary to a combination of trade goods of each town depending knot of sales channels in the merchant play you can do or make a processed product (tertiary), or even or made a trade with foreign countries. However the fact that you are in possession of diplomatic documents in accordance with the destination, that some pirate Shu high degree of intimacy and self-merchant is required to travel abroad.

Merchant Tsukasa[edit]

There is a need to control force is the purveyor of lords house the largest region of each first and to become a merchant Tsukasa. Can become by it after having better relationships delivered a Yazeni to feudal lords who, you get to become a mediator role in chief retainer greater than or equal to purveyor. Other can participate in merchant Tsukasa fight To proceed with purveyor, it is possible to also be advised on the strategy Like its predecessor daimyo family. It means that the ongoing development of each merchant is in charge of the town on separate merchant Tsukasa fight. Merchant Tsukasa disputed performed one month, it is to be or invested by Dari hard at work normally, it is possible to a "twist" only once out of town. Meritorious and its own development of the town rises on success. It is also possible to perform interference enemy merchant. It is also possible to interfere to visit the town in charge of enemy merchant on their own, or may be asked to interfere with ninja. Merchant that has developed the most in town after one month to obtain the status of merchant Tsukasa.


The aim and it is possible to rise from genin to become a head, to unify the village of Shinobi in the whole country, and that you support the unification of lords who or supporting it, to master the art of invisibility all transmitted to the village of Shinobi. In genin By Earn meritorious received a master's orders in the rating, it means that it will continue to rise Chunin, heck, the officer immediately after the padrone. Ninja master's orders to some common with master's orders of pirates described in the next, but there are valuables available, (or attack) escort dignitaries and sales channels, such as fashion making. The ninja Shu is also possible to use a special branch of the army during the battle. However some of them will not use it and take to other professions quit ninja. In addition, it is not possible to get out not to win in the individual event in your own boss when to quit ninja, (it will not come out when I make a certain number of own head) meet to attack the shinobi hunting missing even after you exit. Master's orders the notorious goes up a lot in the play ninja, can not be independent even if the reservoir meritorious unlike merchant. However, in the case of the head, a person with no last name Tsugeru after the death of the head is constant for all reaches is meritorious. Which it may be chosen as heir in as soon as meritorious and kin even if the head with the last name celebrated its life. Sometimes it can become a head in the event in the case of Hattori Hanzo.


It aims to support the unification of lords who or supporting it, to unify the naval fort in the nationwide pirate crowd that genus of its own. Officer immediately after the sailor in (Kagoshima), going up in the world and ship Gen. head is left sailor, boatman (Funagashira), the fort by storing the meritorious are common Ninja. The master's orders of pirate unique, there is a port town and escort ship construction, and coastal attack. (The problem does not exist in Kuki Yoshitaka other than If you do not apply the patch in as described above Win initial version but) it is also possible to else to do but wait for the life of the header fields as well as ninja to become the header fields, to take over the fort. In addition, it is possible to engage in trade with foreign merchants with even pirates.

Sideline play system[edit]


It is a play that master the martial arts by, for example, studying or self-taught in various schools. It is necessary to obtain a high title tags on individual match or get applied like first and "Swordsman" and the like in order to get recognized as a swordsman. And work hard at martial arts studying in a way that I repeat the victory in the individual competition either introductory did on raising the level of familiarity to go tea ceremony or gift, the bout, etc. to the person who belongs to the school who is in private house or dojo for the go. It is possible that you receive an introductory allowed, and taught a mystique to the person of alumni and teacher. It follows that get applied like the while repeating that taught the mystique from the teacher. It is also possible to Once you have applied shape, or cause new school themselves, or to practice the arcane through the meditation. It is also possible to take the pupil by holding a gym at home if Ronin. Also obtained income by becoming a mentor of the art of war lords house. It should be noted, also possible to cause a school if I get the title tag of high rank associated with the individual event, such as "Swordsman" without the need to obtain the applied shape.


It is a play that is to prepare a medicinal herb, will heal the disease of various people by providing a clinic. Be necessary to increase the "medicine" in the doctor's home to become a doctor, the required tags are available to make a drug or other "medical" tag while repeating studied under. In opening the clinic at home, it becomes possible to either examination the patient to visit, or to formulate the drug after becoming a doctor. It is also possible to visit the house call the source of the person who is sick without opening the clinic. If you can also go in the land to "Ihajinjutsu" is carried out free of charge to medical care at the time, it is also possible to become unscrupulous doctors that lay it on the consultation fee on that issued the medicine does not work dare. It is also possible to earn by selling seat in the herbal medicine which is a raw material for medicine.


It is a play to learn the training techniques of countries, continue to earn fame and trained the weapon itself. Available the necessary technology, the technology still needed to manufacture guns and swords made to obtain materials such as gunpowder and iron and go experience with a jackal in the blacksmith. It is to be opened to a blacksmith at home, but it will not be able to create weapons of high value must first be stacked gradually experience. There is a need to acquire more advanced technology causing the event to make a weapon even higher value. Further, by the gain of the blacksmith training, can be increased to 30000 boatload of trade goods (PS2 version only). Because it is difficult to obtain in this work Whereas was easy to get the card to increase the maximum load capacity, such as "Rakuichi Rakuza", it is a way to increase the maximum loading capacity of merchant play other than in previous work.

Tea masters[edit]

Warring States period and is a play that is full of tea ceremony that was popular in, is provided with a tea house itself, create a tea set, continue to earn fame to invite to tea ceremony a variety of people. It is necessary to study under the "tea ceremony" in the tea master's house for that. Obtained the title of master of tea ceremony as when I repeat the tea ceremony. When it comes to be able to build a tea house at home, it means that we aim to further heights by or request tea production to artisan or invited to the tea room the other person. You can do or increase the friendship of the two in that it can invite up to two persons of the other, resulting in a person between low friendship degree or even nominated a purveyor to the feudal lords in the tea room. It is also possible to move the world in a direction oneself using it.


Individual match[edit]

Field-siege previous work " IV for which has been a card battle in the "element of luck was interposed in terms of card draw, but in this film what things such as skills and feats bills and as (card) expression is but elements card battle no longer. Individual match Individual competition was the format kill with the help of mystique which moves by predicting the motion of the other, there are many. Weapon that can be used in the previous work was only swords, but it has increased six of swords, spears bitter nothing, bow-Kusarigama-gun in this work. Characteristics of each weapon has a following. Swords We can not only attack close but kind of mystique that can be used in many cases. "Martial arts" is affected. Kuna Attack a wide range of long distance from short range of the weak power. "Ninjutsu" is affected, mystique can be earned in the village of Shinobi. Spear Since the middle distance can only attack, a pause is important. "Martial arts" is affected. Bow Long-distance weapon, I stiff in the form of take after one turn defense posture which was. "Archery" affects. Kusarigama I can strike until middle distance from close range. "Ninjutsu" is affected, mystique also learn in the village of Shinobi. Gun It's more powerful than bow long distance weapon, but more rigid than one turn bow after the shot. "Gun" is affected. According to the type "yell" is required for the use of the mystique. "Yell" is incremented by one further by or perform (including rigid state after the attack with a bow-gun) defense increases by one per turn each, without moving or under attack from the enemy. To induce the enemy (largess of enhanced version also appeared in the PS2 version) and a toss of a coin can be in learning he studied to the merchant, to recover the strength in hemostasis learning possible he studied to the doctor, to the ninja of some village such as withdrawal in the art of disappearance a possible acquisition in the study under, feats wearing in other professions can take advantage of. In addition, there is no rigidity of attack after attack unlike usually be of a bow-gun-only attack system mystique. And add a new mystique you can maximize the "fighting spirit" by cutting the strength of their own "Rasetsu", described above, such as "spending spree", performance tuning and consumer energy have been made for existing mystique of some in the PS2 version, fight the person who is different from the Win version is required.


In the case of samurai play, Osamukomi justification is important to make it to the castle Semekomu other house in this work. It is also possible to Semekomu suddenly lord who are not hostile, but lose confidence in the public notoriety increases. Own forces or attacked, Osamukomi justification occurs by being the declaration of war and alliance destroyed, the surrender from the other house. If you do not want to increase the notoriety when to attack the feudal lord who without justification Osamukomi, cause Osamukomi justification against conduct and declaration of war first, Osamukomi justification is here opponent if I attack born. Or which are making out a "punishment Osamu Rinji" make diplomacy work in the Imperial Court is also obtained the Osamukomi justification.


Field is hex becomes a war, elements of the conventional simulation game is getting stronger. There also be such as flows through the wind on the sea troops, led by people such as in the case of samurai "navy" skill is low. Pirates strong on the sea in reverse, it would weaken the tin when you landed much so, it is necessary to devise a tactic. System of feats differ PS2 version and version Win, Win version is enabled feats feats only use number of times corresponding to the "military science". It is also possible to use a special ability continuously, but can be used only once for one field in one. On the other hand PS2 version Iki reservoir increase each turn "feats" (usually increased by one, but two more if you wait on the spot, 10 to increase) and in the form that consumes it, depending on the type. Can be used continuously is difficult, it is possible many times using the same feat. The field map is also smaller than the Win version, the effect of some battle bill has also been changed. Some one unchanged also affected smaller the map.


Concept of Guo exist, in siege Otemon, (circle of four, Sannomaru, outer citadel,) the main enclosure (sometimes it does not exist by the castle scale in parentheses) and is in the form to go down in order and. There is also a Karamete to other, but can not be placed branch of the army is not a pirate or ninja. If the hero of feudal lords who belong, it is also possible to attack from Karamete by to ask for reinforcements to pirate or ninja. Further (and it may not possible due to event battle) can also be simplified battle can delegate all units if not required tactical particularly offensive castle. It is also possible to Rakujo by (base or other, snip) or to retreat or destroyed the corps commander in the feat of strength is to attack the, or to 0 castle defense degree castle, but residents on to drain the troops stability is also lower. Negotiation part is made much in this work, it is possible to drop the castle without deteriorating the security thereby. (In some cases can not be negotiated by the event battle) that bargaining outside the palace retreat and surrender depending on the tactical situation, such as a cease-fire commitments goods and provision is made possible as content negotiation. That can be used by using the number of times corresponding to the "tactics" in Win version is the same as field for feats, it is able to be many times using the same tag unlike field. The same as the field in the PS2 version. In addition it was also possible after dropping the castle, dropping the castle of another continuously by issuing instructions divert In previous work, but the operation until you return to the castle after being Rakujo in the Win version of this work I began to not accept. Advance of succession in the PS2 version has also become possible.


Scenario that appeared as follows.

  • "Chapter of the sun" ( 1560 scenario that can be played from) ... First is this is the only scenario. Basic era setting of the series. However, in this work Okehazama I will start from a few months before.
  • "Chapter of NoboriRyu" ( 1568 scenario) ... Nobunaga proceeding to the capital immediately after. Difference with previous work that it is a stage before the Nobunaga siege can be still.
  • "Chapter of Hado" ( 1575 ) ... Nagashinonotatakai the previous scenario. Another shot by three-stage gun, Torii Suneemon I seen and events.
  • "Chapter of the wheel of fortune" ( 1582 ) ... Honnoji Incident scenarios just before. Tenmokuzan'notatakai by Takeda Katsuyori If you and destroy, it is prone to Honnoji Incident.
  • "Chapter of Peace" ( 1598 and has become the era of setting similar to the) ... previous work as "a dream" scenario. It is a scenario of the death of Hideyoshi only.
  • "Chapter of the rammer" ( 1554 scenario of 1554 going back one year from the "smoldering fire of the Holy War" of) ... previous work. Itsukushimanotatakai there is an event such as a conference Shotokuji Nobunaga and Dosan and.
  • "Chapter of erosion" ( 1549 only) ... PS2 version. It dates back five years further from the chapter of rammer, Oda Nobuhide, Matsudaira HiroTadashi, Ouchi Yoshitaka military commander of generations of father of conventional scenario we also appear many.
  • "Chapter of the Phantom" ( 1560 only) ... PS2 version. Sengoku imaginary world that belongs to the daimyo warlords who all appeared in the same age, and were divided by name. Some, such as marry women that is a wife of a military commander in the other scenarios emerged as inn daughter, and special elements.

Track listing[edit]

Additional elements in the PS2 version[edit]

There is some part also described above, but before Hideyoshi serve the Oda home, (time Nobunaga is not a family head still in the PS2 version 1549 military commander of all appeared in the same age) scenario and also emerging, and fictitious such as scenario that begins with the arrangement of have also been added. A new character also, Yoshikawa Motoharu wife of Shinjo and Nikaido Moriyoshi started to appear but I added a large number. Events and Nobunaga succession to a family before, "further the Age of Discovery IV bill or item events, feats of other bills such as marriage event with a woman ninja, pirate and Lil is a character in "has also been added to a large extent in the same way. System changes and battle mini-games are also made, such as teaching skills instruction and long-term pursuit of knowledge to the subordinates are also able to.Ibekon of Win version has not been installed in the PS2 version on the other hand.

Taiko Risshiden V[edit]

The latest incarnation, Taiko Risshiden V, was released for PC and PlayStation 2 in August 2004. Its starting scenario is 1560 AD (although the earliest starting scenario that can be unlocked is 1554 AD), with the starting characters being Toyotomi Hideyoshi (under the name Kinoshita Tokichiro), Yagyū Munetoshi (Sekishusai in 1598), Hattori Hanzō, and Kuki Yoshitaka. In the PC version, playing and saving the game as any three of the above unlocks the option to create a custom characters on the main menu. Unlocking more characters will also lead to new starting scenarios, while unlocking events and endings also unlocks the CGs associated with them. A Sound Mode, special CGs, a Minigame Mode and a Character Edit Mode (editing the stats of any single character in-game) can also be unlocked eventually.

Two of the four main characters in Daikōkai Jidai 4, Rafael Castor and Lil Argot, also make notable cameo appearances in the latest installment as Western Items shop owners. In the PS2 port of the game, it is even possible for the player to marry the latter.

List of games[edit]

  • Taiko Risshiden – PC 1992,[1] Genesis May 28, 1993[2]
  • Taiko Risshiden IIPlayStation February 23, 1996,[3] PC[4]
  • Taiko Risshiden III – PC March 5, 1999,[5] PlayStation August 19, 1999[6]
  • Taiko Risshiden IV – PC June 1, 2001,[7] PlayStation Portable August 31, 2006[8]
  • Taiko Risshiden V – PC March 12, 2004,[9] PlayStation Portable September 17, 2009[10]


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