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I have added the listing for Richmond-Petersburg as a region as it has been missing from the Virginia template which is displayed on virtually every city and county article.

I believe that the name "Richmond-Petersburg" is an appropriate terminology for the area covered by Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). I have lived in the area (and of course Virginia) for 45 years. I am very aware (and perhaps a little embarrassed) that the term "region" and the areas which are included vary widely here, generally to suit the application in which they are used, making an area called a region it hard to define and explain. This is harder to work with than our independent city arrangements, which are also hard to explain to folks from most other states where cities are usually within counties.

As a transplanted "northerner", I hope no one will be offended by commenting that I have frequently heard that such vague definitions, which at times include a myriad of street, road, and community names are deliberately confusing to make it more difficult for non-Virginians (and particuilarily Yankees) to find their way around the state, especially Richmond, which was the capital of the Confederacy. There is also a saying around here: "Save your Dixie Cups: the South will rise again!"

I have added a little information to each city and county article in the region, and I hope it is placed correctly for wiki format consistency. I plan to add more info to this article about the natural resources and historical attractions of the area which generally cover more than any single city or county.

I am enjoying the wiki writing, and welcome suggestions. At the risk of being duplicative, I may include some of this on my user TALK page.

Vaoverland 00:38, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)

Proposed name change for this article[edit]

I added more counties to this article today based on this link [1]. According to the Nov 2004 census bureau definitions, the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) that the Census Burea defines is not "Richmond-Petersburg" (the current name of the article) but rather "Richmond, VA Metropolitan Statistical Area." I propose that we move this article to that official name or "Greater Richmond Region" MPS 17:41, 14 November 2005 (UTC)