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The word Tambura refers to several stringed musical instruments:

  • The Tanbur long-necked, string instrument originating in the Southern or Central Asia (Mesopotamia and Persia/Iran). This is the main article that speaks about the origins, types and variants of tanbur.
  • The Iranian tanbur (Kurdish tanbur) used in Ahl-e Haqq rituals.
  • The Turkish tambur instrument played in Turkey and Xinjiang.
  • The yaylı tambur is also played in Turkey.
  • The Tanpura (instrument) in India, used as a drone instrument.
  • The Tambura (instrument) played in Macedonia and Bulgaria.
  • The Tamburica (Tamboura or tamburrizza) instruments, any member of a family of long-necked lutes popular in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • The Tambouras instrument in Greece.
  • The Tanbūra (lyre) instrument in East Africa and the Middle East.

The word may also refer to:

See also[edit]

  • The Pandura instrument played in Ancient Greece and some other ancient civilisations, from the Mediterranean basin.
  • The Domra, Russian instrument
  • Bandura, Ukrainian instrument
  • Dombra, instrument in Kazakhstan, Siberia, and Mongolia