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The Tejano Music Awards were launched in 1980 by former art teacher and music veteran Rudy Trevino and the leader of the Latin Breed Band, Gilbert Escobedo. Only 1,500 fans turned out for the first Tejano Music Awards. Over the years, San Antonio evolved into the Nashville of Tejano music. Since 1980, The Tejano Music Awards have provided a forum to create greater awareness and appreciation for Tejano music. Artists such as Selena and Jay Perez, have dominated the Tejano Music Awards. Selena, who swept the Tejano Music Awards and won Female vocalist for 12 consecutive years from 1986-1997 (except 1988), and Female entertainer for 9 consecutive years from 1988–1996 and had captured every conceivable award. During the past few years the awards were being held in Eagle Pass, Texas at the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. The event has recently returned to San Antonio.[1]

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