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Telegard is an early bulletin board system (BBS) software program written for IBM PC-compatible computers running MS-DOS and OS/2. Telegard was written in Pascal with routines written in C++ and assembly language, based on a copy of the WWIV source code.

Telegard has several features that make it attractive to BBS sysops, such as being free, having remote administration facilities built into the main program, and the ability to handle CD-ROMs internally.[1] Telegard is still viable today as it can accept telnet connections by using a virtual modem/FOSSIL set up such as NetSerial, a virtual modem driver, and NetFoss, a freeware FOSSIL driver, both for Windows. OS/2 users can use the SIO/VMODEM combination to allow telnet access to their BBS.[citation needed]

Current status[edit]

According to Tim Strike, Telegard's current author, development has ceased and will not be taken back up. According to a post Tim made on Outpost BBS in Fidonet's TG_SUPPORT echo in 2005:Strike, Tim (Post made in Fidonet's TG_SUPPORT echo via Outpost BBS concerning Telegard)"

"I'm not sure where Telegard can go from here -- I'm not sure that the PC that has all the source code can boot, nor am I sure that I have all the compilers and tool chains that would be required to revitalize the project. I also know that I don't have the time, or the will, to continue the project myself. I don't remember what state it was left in, as time and age have not likely been kind to the project. Off the top of my head, I don't know what code can be open-sourced, and wouldn't move the project that way without the consent of the other authors of the project (and yes, as much as I rewrote there are still contributions and copyrights that are owned by other individuals). I realize this leaves it open ended, and I suspect for the next little while that's where it'll have to stay with my apologies -- and with your understanding."

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