Tell It to the Judge

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Tell It to the Judge
Directed by Norman Foster
Produced by Buddy Adler
Written by Devery Freeman (story)
Nat Perrin
Roland Kibbee (add. dialogue)
Starring Rosalind Russell
Robert Cummings
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
November 18, 1949
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Tell It to the Judge is a 1949 romantic comedy film starring Rosalind Russell as a divorcee who tries to get back her ex-husband, played by Robert Cummings.


Appointed to be a federal judge, Marsha Meredith is questioned by a U.S. Senate committee, specifically about her divorce from lawyer Peter Webb.

She returns home to Palm Beach, Florida, where soon Peter shows up to depose showgirl Ginger Simmons for his defense of gangster George Ellerby. In a fit of jealousy at spotting her ex with another woman, Marsha picks up Alexander Darvac in a bar and accompanies him to a gambling spot, which is raided.

Peter helps her escape notoriety. They steal a boat and hide out in a lighthouse, where they rekindle their romance. They remarry, but her grandfather, Judge Meredith, persuades them not to publicize that fact until the Senate confirms her appointment.

Ellerby jumps bail. Ginger tries to take Peter to him and they are seen again by Marsha, who is furious. She invents a story to reporters, who have heard rumors about Marsha's new marriage. She claims she wed a man named Roogle who died on their wedding night.

Marsha goes to her friend Kitty's cabin in the mountains to get away from the limelight. Peter, to get even, announces that Roogle is alive and on his way. Marsha ends up asking Darvac to pretend to be Roogle, but has to knock out Darvac when he tries to claim his privileges as her "husband."

In the end, after the confusion is sorted out, Marsha decides that if she has to choose, being married to Peter would make her happier than her career. She comes home and finds Ginger and Darvac knocked out in the closet.


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