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Allmusic at AllMusic

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This template provides a convenient way to produce an external link to an entry at AllMusic. The template can be used for any link to AllMusic's website, including the External links section or when citing it as a source.


Vertical layout

| class      = 
| id         = 
| tab        = 
| label      = 
| first      = 
| last       = 
| accessdate = 

Horizontal layout (named parameters)

{{Allmusic | class= | id= | tab= | label= | first= | last= | accessdate= }}

Horizontal layout (unnamed parameters)

Valid with these three parameters only:


Template data

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


This template produces an external link to an entry at AllMusic.

Template parameters
Parameter Description Type Default Auto value Status
AllMusic class class1 Class of information. Value for this parameter corresponds to part of URL following "". Examples (without quotes): "artist" (default), "album", "song", "work" or "explore". string artist empty optional
AllMusic ID id2 AllMusic identification number or string. Corresponds to part of URL following "artist/", "album/", "song/", "work/" or "explore/". Can omit the text before the actual ID with name of artist, album, etc. Example: The ID for would be either "led-zeppelin-mn0000139026" or "mn0000139026". Can also use the entire end of URL, such as: "release/stone-temple-pilots-deluxe-edition-mr0002917004". string empty empty required
AllMusic tab tab If the link should access directly a specific tab on the AllMusic site you can use this parameter to specify that tab. The value for this parameter corresponds to the suffix of the URL following the identification, after the slash ('/'). Examples (without quotes): "biography", "discography", "songs", "awards", etc. If you are specifying a sub-tab of a tab, the whole suffix has to be used, (e.g. "songs/all"). string empty empty optional
Displayed text label3title Text to display for the link. If omitted, it defaults to the name of the article where this template is used. string empty empty optional
Author's first name first The author's first or given name(s). string empty empty optional
Author's last name last The author's surname or last name. string empty empty optional
Access date accessdate Full date when item was accessed. Should not be wiki-linked. string empty empty optional
URL only pure_url If set to "yes", produces URL only without additional formatting. Typically used in citation templates. string empty empty optional


Artist or group (class not specified, defaults to artist)

Full ID:

Short ID:

Album (with accessdate)

Full ID:

Short ID:

Song (with unnamed parameters)

Full ID:

Short ID:

Using tab parameter

Full ID:

Short ID:

Author name, access date

Full ID:

Short ID:

Using pure_url with a citation template

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